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Product Description

Sufficient Brightness
-Its brightness is up to 10150 lumen with over 100 lm/w luminous efficiency, fully meets your lighting needs. 
-No shadow, dizzy light, providing you excellent bright light.

Energy Efficient
-More energy efficient than old halogen lamp, great replacement for 250W HPSL (high pressure sodium lamp), saving over 60% on your electricity bill.

Wide Beam Angle 
-120° beam angle, providing you with wide illumination range.

Usage Recommendation
-General lighting: illumination area is 60-100 sq. m. with about 75-150 lux when installation height is 5-7 meters. 
-Outdoor light: illumination area is 120-150 sq. m. with about 50-75 lux when installation height is 8-10 meters.

-With fully aluminum alloy Die-casting case, this flood light has excellent heat dissipation, which effectively prolongs its lifespan. 
-By adopting tempered glass, the panel is much more durable.

Flexible Installation
-It comes with a metal bracket on the lamp body, allowing you to install the light flexibly, including ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and ground-mounted.
-The lamp body can be adjusted 150°, flexible enough to meet your lighting requirements.

-With IP65 rating, this floodlight can be widely used in outdoor lighting projects as billboards, show windows, gardens, patio, court, lawn, etc.
-You can also use it in your warehouse, workshop and use it as security lighting.

Key Data
Wattage: 100W
Luminous flux: 10150 lumen
Light color: Daylight white
IP rating: IP65
Material: Aluminum + Tempered Glass
Dimension: 290*230*102mm
Leading wire: 30 cm (plug not provided)


More Recommendation: 
If you plan another lighting project in your home or commercial places, you can also find other LE flood lighting products in our store. A variety of wattages, colors and other configurable functions (motion sensor, remote controlling, solar powered, plug in, rechargeable, portable, etc.) are all available!

How to Install 100W LED Floodlight

1 - Drill mounting holes according to the screw bits in the lamp bracket.
2 - Attach the barcket and screw on to make it into position.
3 - Adjust the lighting direction as you like.
4 - Connect the power lead to mains supply.

How to Install 100W LED Floodlight



100w 10150lm security led flood light